Brakes & Clutch Repairs Botany

Brake Repairs

Here at AFM car repairs, our abundance of industry experience has shown us exactly how critical it is for drivers to have their vehicle’s braking system routinely checked. By doing precisely that, we won’t simply guarantee that your vehicle will stop when it needs to. We can likewise frequently save our clients future cost by replacing brake parts before they turn out to be so seriously worn that they cause significantly more harm to your braking system and or cause damage to others.

Clutch Repairs

Are you experiencing any of the following clutch faults?

  • clutch drag or spin – difficulty engaging a gear
  • clutch is re-engaged
  • clutch slipping – no power transmitted to wheels, while engine accelerates
  • clutch shudder – shudder and vibration when

We generally utilise quality parts and adept fitting. Have a talk with us for a quote. Our well skilled experts will talk about any issues with you and recommend solutions to help you make an informed decision for all clutch repairs.

We provide following service & solution –

  • Brake Pad Replacement,
  • Brake Adjustment,
  • Handbrake Adjustments,
  • Brakes – Disc & Drum Machining,
  • Front & Rear ,
  • Abs Car Brake Safety Check,
  • Clutch Replacement,
  • Clutch Repairs