Rego Safety Check / Pink Slips

Light vehicle safety checks

AFM Car Repairs is an Authorized Inspection Scheme station and can give roadworthy reviews in Botany. We offer quick turnaround on rego inspections. If you might like to book your inspection, call us on 0425 313 431. The following is the official information from NSW Roads:


  • Generally, light vehicles more than five years old require a safety check (previously called a pink slip) before you can renew the registration. Light vehicles include:
  • Passenger cars
  • Goods carrying vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass of 4.5 tonnes or less (without power-operated brakes)
  • All motorcycles
  • Trailers and caravans with an aggregate trailer mass of 4.5 tonnes or less (including those fitted with breakaway brakes, but not including those fitted with air or vacuum (breakaway) braking systems).

Your registration renewal notice will state if your vehicle needs a safety check. Safety checks can only be performed at an Authorised Inspection Scheme station. The results will be sent to Roads and Maritime electronically and you can avail eSafety check for Pink slips in botany within a record time. Once your vehicle has passed the safety check inspection, you can renew the registration.


Light vehicle safety check inspection reports are valid for six months (excluding public passenger vehicles). This means that you’ll need to use the report to renew registration within six months of having the safety check.


If your vehicle fails the safety check, you can’t renew the registration until the required repairs are made.


The AIS station will issue a repairs needed report showing what repairs are required. If the repairs are completed within 14 days, the vehicle can be reassessed at the same AIS station with no additional safety check fees.

If you present your vehicle for reassessment after the 14 day period, you will need to pay another safety check inspection fee.

Once the repairs have been made and the vehicle passes the safety check, the AIS station will issue an eSafety check for Pink slips in botany instantly, and you can renew your registration.


Authorised Inspection Station (AIS)

  • Vehicle safety check (previously pink slip).
  • Vehicle design check for the clearance of defect notices (previously white slip).
  • Safety check report for renewing light vehicle registration.